University Commons
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Declaration of Condominium Ownership
of University Commons Condominium



When you are talking with another Association about monthly fees,
YOU SHOULD compare services, but also ask them:

* Is their Association in compliance with Ohio Revised Code and looked upon favorably by lending institutions? Is their Board in a dialogue with a management company and a law firm familiar with Ohio condo law?

* Is there a Knox Box available? Are safety issues addressed, such as a reminder to replace batteries in home fire alarms? Are Beacon Lights offered at reasonable prices?

* Are their grounds updated each year with new trees, bush replacement, and flowers by their Association? Are owners willing to upgrade their patio areas with landscaping at their expense, thereby increasing everyone’s value?

* Is there a newsletter and a website keeping them informed of planned maintenance – dryer vent cleaning, painting, driveway and road upgrades, social events?

* Do they have community get-togethers – picnics, ladies outings, Christmas parties?

* Are there volunteers keeping up the neat appearance of your grounds by watering trees, planting flowers, changing light bulbs in the common area lighting; recognition on special events in their lives?

* Is there an active lifestyle for the women and men of their Association – monthly cards, golf, bowling, several trips a year including bus trips to casinos, Amish country, wine tastings, or tea rooms?

* Do they have a one caring neighbor – we have many!


Sometimes it’s not about the money; it’s about an investment in life.